Prayer Shawls

Wrapped in Love and Prayer

Prayer shawls are shawls made by members of the congregation that are given away by the church to persons who particularly need to feel wrapped in love and prayers. For example, a prayer shawl may be given to someone who has experienced a loss or has just become a parent or a grandparent. A prayer shawl may be given on the event of a baptism, to new empty nesters, to members, or to non-members.

It's easy to be a part of this wonderful ministry. People who enjoy sitting down in the evening (or any time!) and knitting might as well work on a prayer shawl. Patterns are available in the church office.

Knit at your own pace—there are no deadlines. If the church happens to run low on shawls a notice is put in the bulletin to get those needles working.

Those who do not knit can also be a part of the ministry by donating yarn. Donations may be brought to the church office at any time. Anybody, male or female, is welcome to contribute their time, love, and prayers to this ministry.

By wrapping a person in the yarn of these shawls we are also wrapping that person in the love of Our Savior's faith community and in the love of God. Knitters are encouraged to pray as they work so that prayers are actually knit into the shawls themselves and are already there when the shawls are given away.

If you or someone you know would like to receive one of these shawls, please contact the church office or stop by and pick one up from the basket in the Sanctuary. Unfortunately we do not mail prayer shawls.  These shawls are meant for those who need to feel the love and prayers of their faith community and of God. We want them to be taken and used—please feel free to do so.